One Piece Hypes Gear 5 Luffy With New Twitter Emoji

One Piece has hit social media hard with a brand new Luffy Emoji to celebrate Gear 5.

The moment that many One Piece fans have been waiting for has finally hit the anime, as Monkey D. Luffy has surpassed his limit and achieved the transformation known as "Gear Fifth". Transforming himself into a living cartoon, the Straw Hat Captain might have the power necessary to take down Kaido and finally bring to an end the War For Wano. To help in celebrating the form's arrival, social media has supplied an emoji that captures the cartoonish appearance of Luffy's ultimate transformation.

While Luffy's Gear Fifth has just arrived in One Piece's television series, it's been around far longer in Eiichiro Oda's manga. Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, the War For Wano has ended in the shonen series' printed story, with the final saga currently underway. Since Luffy's fight against Kaido, which nearly resulted in the Straw Hat's demise more times than we can count, Monkey has utilized Gear Fifth in his battles. At present, it would seem that Luffy's ultimate transformation simply cannot be overtaken, as transforming into a cartoonish figure ala The Mask makes the Straw Hat appear to be invulnerable regardless of his opponent.

One Piece: Gear 5 Emoji

By using the following hashtag on Twitter/X, you can throw Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation into your posts, #ルフィ. Here's what the emoji looks like when you take the route of honoring One Piece's big reveal in the anime adaptation that might just head toward the end of the War For Wano Arc. While the anime has yet to confirm when Luffy and Kaido's fight will come to an end, Monkey is looking in far better shape now than he has at any other point in this knock-down, drag-out battle.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Toei Animation has clearly been preparing for Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation, with the latest episode using some staggering animation to bring the form from the manga to the anime. Before the battle ends between Luffy and Kaido, One Piece fans should prepare to see some downright jaw-dropping moments as we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Monkey's ultimate transformation.

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