One Piece Cliffhanger Kicks Off Gol D Roger Flashback

One Piece's newest cliffhanger has kicked off a major Gol D. Roger flashback! With the Wano Country arc's third act now in full swing, the anime is taking the time to establish the man behind all of the legends, Kozuki Oden. What has been a surprise, however, is that this flashback has revealed that Oden not only is an important figure in Wano's past but an important figure to the rest of the open seas as well. Following his introduction to the anime series, Oden has taken his first real steps following his dream.

Episode 964 of the series continues the big Oden flashback with an important new step in establishing the Kozuki name both in and out of Wano, and it sees the Daimyo become an official member of Whitebeard's crew after passing the famous pirate's rigorous test. This is momentous on its own, but soon Oden and Whitebeard will be coming across the series' most famous figure, Gol D Roger as the end of the episode teases with its big cliffhanger.

Gol D Roger is arguably the biggest legendary figure of the One Piece franchise as a whole because of what he means for the new age of pirates, but the series has yet to show the character in full for any real periods of time. While there have been a few flashbacks to important moments now and again, we have yet to see the man himself really in action. That's all going to change with the next few episodes.

Oden's flashback not only involves Whitebeard in some major ways, but also involves Roger and his famous crew. This includes looks at a younger Red-Haired Shanks and Buggy, and some other facets of the world of the franchise as a whole. Oden plays a key role in tying all of this together, and if previous episodes of the flashback are anything to go by, the anime just might be giving us more time spent with Roger and his crew than the manga did!


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