One Piece Shows Off Stunning Whitebeard v Oden Fight

One Piece showed off a stunning Whitebeard vs. Oden fight with the newest episode of the series! [...]

One Piece showed off a stunning Whitebeard vs. Oden fight with the newest episode of the series! One Piece's anime adaptation is now making its way through the third act of the Wano Country arc, and part of this arc is used to flesh out the past of the country as a whole. With this flashback, fans have finally been fully introduced to the man behind all of the legends 20 years later, Oden Kozuki. The first few episodes of the flashback have started to emphasize his strength, but the newest episode takes it one step further.

Following the previous cliffhanger for the series that saw a young Whitebeard and his crew crash land on Wano's shores, Episode 963 fully introduces Whitebeard and his crew to Oden himself. But like many of the scenes we have seen with Oden thus far, their first meeting starts off in a chaotic way as Oden challenges Whitebeard to a fight pretty much right off the bat.

Through the episodes of this flashback thus far, we had learned that while Oden eventually became a highly respected Daimyo in Wano Country, he never quite gave up on his dream to leave Wano's shores and explore the rest of the world on the open seas. Upon his first meeting and fight with Whitebeard, Oden surprisingly loses despite all of his power.

Following the fight, Oden's first real instinct is to then ask to become a member of Whitebeard's crew. Whitebeard refuses because he can sense the kind of headstrong type of person Oden is (that opening fight was likely further indication of this in Whitebeard's eyes), but Oden refuses to relent as he tests himself in order to become an official member of Whitebeard's crew.

Not only does this fight further impress with Oden's show of force, but it also goes to show just how strong Whitebeard was at this point of time. Coming off of his stint as part of the infamous Rocks Pirates, Whitebeard is poised here to become the legendary Emperor that we meet in full years later. But what do you think?

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