One Piece Heroines Reveals Cover Art for Vivi Volume

One Piece has been ripping through its exciting story arc known as the Wano Arc in both the anime and the manga, but that hasn't stopped the franchise from diving into other avenues of story telling as it has just released its cover for the spin-off novel series known as One Piece: Heroines! With the first two chapters following Nami and Robin of the Straw Hat Pirates, the upcoming volume is dedicating its story to the character of Vivi, the princess of Alabasta, who was once at odds with Luffy and company but eventually joined them in their quest.

The previous two chapters of the series of One Piece: Heroines took the opportunity to focus on Nami and Robin exclusively, placing the two female swashbucklers of the Straw Hat Pirates into the driver's seat as the protagonists of these tales. With the first chapter of Nami released late last year, and the second being released earlier this year with Robin's, Vivi's installment is landing right on cue this month to examine a tale of the blue haired princess. While there has been no news of these One Piece side stories being brought to anime with animated translations, there are certainly fans of the Straw Hat Pirates that wouldn't mind seeing each of these heroines get their own anime adventures!

Twitter User New World Artur shared the cover for the upcoming One Piece: Heroines novel that will focus on Vivi, giving us a side story for the on again, off again member of the Straw Hat Pirates who was such a big part of the Alabasta Saga of the white hot Shonen franchise:

Vivi herself has yet to make an appearance during the Wano Arc that is currently taking place in both One Piece's anime and manga series, but that didn't stop Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the Shonen series, from giving his own take on what the blue haired princess might look like if she were dropped into the isolated nation. Based on the previous chapters of Heroines, we're looking forward to seeing what this side story has in store for Vivi!

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