One Piece Creator Shares Major New Details on Manga's Ending

In the world of One Piece, there are few things talked about more than the story's eventual end. All good series must come to a close, and this hit manga is no exception. At some point, creator Eiichiro Oda will have Luffy's crew locate the One Piece, but fans have always assumed that day would be a long way away. But thanks to a new comment from Oda, fans thinking the series may be numbered.

The whole situation began months ago when Oda's editor did an interview in Japan and talked about One Piece. It was there the man said Oda hopes to close the manga within five years, and panic ensued with fans. Oda eased those worries when he said later there is no firm end date for One Piece in mind. Instead, the author simply wants to end the series as soon as feasible.

That is why a fan asked about the manga's ending in the latest volume of SBS. Oda answers all sorts of fan-questions in these issues, and he chose to clarify his words on the series' ending once and for all.


"Rather than wanting to stop, it's that the series will end because the most exciting part of Luffy's adventure, being the story of 'what is One Piece', will come to its conclusion," the creator shared (via newworldartur).

"Things are heating up in the Wano Country right now, but if Luffy can set sail from her safely, there will be developments on a global scale, a thrilling story the likes which no one has ever read before. I'll draw the greatest battle ever in One Piece history."


As you can see, Oda did not mince words with this update, and he does intend to end One Piece in five years. The creator says Luffy's journey will be done by that point, and he gave fans the future deadline so they could start preparing themselves for the end. After all, such closure is important, and Oda wants to make sure his readers will be okay even when he - and Luffy - are gone.

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