One Piece's Gear 5 Gets The Low-Cost Cosplay Treatment

Low Cost Cosplay gives One Piece's Gear 5 a makeover worthy of Luffy.

One Piece's Gear Fifth might just be the biggest new transformation of the summer anime season in 2023. Focusing on Monkey D. Luffy achieving his peak power, the form allows the Straw Hat Captain to wield the powers of a living cartoon. While there have been cosplay depicting Luffy's ultimate form in the past, a new "Low-Cost Cosplay" uses household items to unlock Monkey's power in a way that hasn't been seen before in the cosplaying world. 

Luffy was able to access the power of Gear Fifth thanks in part to the secret powers that were a part of the Gum Gum no Mi Devil Fruit. As explained by the Five Elders who run the world government, Luffy's Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan Fruit, meaning it also grants him transformations the likes of which he had never expected. In fighting against the Beast Pirate Kaido, Luffy was thought dead thanks to the intervention by a member of CIpher Pol and a devastating blow delivered by the antagonist. We are two episodes into Gear Fifth's debut and the tides of the War For Wano are continuing to change as a result with Luffy having yet to demonstrate just how powerful the new form is. 

Gear 5's Low-Cost Makeover

Low-Cost Cosplay has long been creating ingenious cosplays using household items when it came to depicting anime characters and other figures from the world of pop culture. For creating Luffy's white-haired transformation, the cosplayer used some shaving cream to depict the cloud-life hair which accompanies Luffy's ultimate transformation. Gear Fifth has left its mark on the anime world and still has some big moments to come before the War For Wano's conclusion.

While Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation marks a definitive moment in the War For Wano Arc, Toei Animation has yet to confirm how many more episodes are in the anime arc before the fight against the Beast Pirates ends. Before the isolated nation's battle does end, there are still some major moments to translate from the manga, Gear Fifth related and otherwise. 

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