One Piece Cliffhanger Sets Up THAT Samurai's Death

When it comes to One Piece, fans have started to brace themselves for some deaths in the near [...]

When it comes to One Piece, fans have started to brace themselves for some deaths in the near future. The manga and anime are deep into the Wano County arc by now, and a story this big rarely resolves without loss. So far, One Piece has said goodbye to a few friends in this arc, and its most recent chapter seems eager to say farewell to another.

The update went down in chapter 1006, and One Piece was brutal in its discussion. The chapter ended with a look at Hyogoro the Flower, and the old man has told his allies to cull him before he can turn on them as an ice oni.

One Piece Wano End
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"If that raccoon dog can't finish the medicine in time and I begin to transform into an ice oni, I want you to put an end to me before I turn. If you don't then I will go on to slay every last person here, friend of foe - including you! You must do this for me," the samurai boss stresses as his symptoms increase.

Like so many others, Hyogoro was infected by the plague sent forth by Queen several chapters ago. Chopper has found a way to slow its progress, but Hyogoro admits he can't hold the infection back much longer. If he were to turn, the samurai would slay anyone he could get his hands on. By the end of the chapter, Hyogoro is on the ground with a sword at his neck, and he is totally content with dying.

"I want it to end this way. I feel as though heaven has rewarded me with this final ole to play. Any longer and I would put your lives in danger!!"

Now, fans are left to wonder how Hyogoro will deal with this offer. One Piece has already killed off several mentor-focused heroes, and this samurai sits in that pocket. It is not hard to see Hyogoro dying in the stand, so fans will be glad to learn his fate this weekend.

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