One Piece Episode Titles Set Up a Big Gold Roger Milestone

One Piece is moving along with its most intense arc yet, and Wano is paying off in dividends for fans. If you did not know, the anime is taking a short walk into the past these days thanks to a flashback arc. It turns out Kozuki Oden has a lot to explore in his roots, and One Piece is going to dive even deeper if a set of new episode titles are correct.

Not long ago, a slew of episode titles went live thanks to content creators like YonkouProd on Twitter. It was there fans learned what March 2021 has in store for the anime, and it seems Gold Roger will be at the front of it all.

According to the update, One Piece episode 966 will be titled "Roger's Wish!! A New Departure" while the next episode goes live with the iconic pirate. Episode 967 is expected to wield the name "The Remainder of His Life! Roger's Adventure" before episode 968 follows up with a curious name. The last title is none other than "The Pirate King Is Born! The Last Island", so fans can look forward to this update.

As you can imagine, these One Piece episode titles have stored up a ton of talk, and for good reason. Kozuki Oden is a charming hero, but there are few pirates more mysterious than Gold Roger. The man who became the King of the Pirates lives in the shadows in so many ways. This flashback arc promises to lift the veil on Roger, and these titles suggest fans will watch the hero as he claims his moniker as the King of the Pirates!

What do you make of this One Piece update? Are you enjoying its flashback arc so far...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.