One Piece Sets Up an Unlikely Villain's Death

The War for Wano has already seen some heavy casualties from both sides of the aisle of the isolated nation, and the latest chapter of One Piece has apparently added another body to the fire in an extremely unexpected way, as the Vassals of Oden also run into a big new problem. With a previous chapter revealing that Kozuki Oden had apparently returned from the grave, it was quickly shown that this resurrection had been a deception, but another resurrection had apparently slid under the vision of both the heroes and villains of the Wano Arc in the latest installment.

Warning. If you have yet to catch up with the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1009, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll dive into spoiler territory for the Wano Arc.

Though the main antagonists of the War For Wano are Kaido and Big Mom, currently squaring off against Luffy, Zoro, and other members of the Worst Generation, the Vassals of Oden find themselves face to face with the former ruler of Wano in Orochi, the pint-sized Shogun responsible for so much ill within the isolated nation. The last time we saw Orochi, he had had his head knocked off his shoulders by the sword of Kaido, with the captain of the Beast Pirates taking control of Wano. Apparently, rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated as he re-appears and is hoping that the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beast Pirates wipe one another off the map.

One Piece Spoiler
(Photo: Shueisha)

Though Orochi might be far smaller than many of the other characters made famous by One Piece, he held a secret power close to his chest with the help of the Devil Fruit known as the Hebi Hebi No Mi, which allows him to transform into an eight-headed snake. Unfortunately for Orochi, his belief that Oden's right-hand men were too injured to put up a fight was wrong, as the vassals immediately dispatch Orochi, decapitating all of his heads from his serpent form.


While it certainly seems as if Orochi has been slain once and for all, the same was originally thought when he met his original end at the hands of Kaido, so this definitely might not be the last we've seen of the Shogun of Wano.

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