One Piece Creator Comments on Manga's Final 5-Year Plan

One Piece has been going on for more than twenty years at this point, and it has a way left to go. [...]

One Piece has been going on for more than twenty years at this point, and it has a way left to go. Creator Eiichiro Oda never expected his seafaring story to run this long, but fans are grateful for its perseverance. In the wake of chapter 1000, fans are bracing themselves for the manga's end because it will surely come about soon enough, but Oda is still playing coy with the whole thing.

Recently, the artist touched upon his final plan for One Piece during a special interview. Oda spoke with the creator of Rurouni Kenshin in light of the latter's new art exhibition. It was there the samurai artist asked if One Piece really has five years left, and Oda was vague with this response.


According to sandman_AP, Oda did not say anything definite about the report. Instead, the One Piece artist merely answered that no one over 40 years old needed to be penning weekly manga. As you can imagine, the strain such a schedule takes is intense, and Oda has been living under such a schedule for decades. He must want to finish, but there is something about Luffy that keeps him coming back for more.

The artist has discussed the ending of One Piece a few times in the last year. As the road to chapter 1000 narrowed, fans began wondering how close the series was to wrapping. An editor told fans One Piecewould end shortly after the Wano Country saga wrapped. In response, Oda said he does have the end of One Piece in his sights, but he cannot say for sure when the manga will end. And so far, it seems a five-year plan might just bring One Piece up to its final voyage.

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