One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Nami's Berserker Moment

One Piece fans know it is a singularly awful idea to test the Straw Hat crew, but that does not stop villains from pushing the button. From Doflamingo to Big Mom, our villains have come to find how terrifying the Straw Hats can be when they are angry. Now, it seems one of Kaido's fighters is about to learn that the hard way and Nami will be the one to teach them.

The whole ordeal came to light when One Piece put out chapter 1012. The latest update checked in on Nami as she and Tama watched Big Mom go wild on Ulti. The battle began once Kaido's lackey challenged the Yonko in light of Page One being absolutely laid out. However, things took an ugly turn when Multi turned her gaze on Tama.

One Piece Nami
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Before the chapter ended, Ulti backhanded Tama and seems to have knocked her out. As you can guess, everyone lost their mind over the blow, and Big Mom was one of them. Everyone reading expected the Yonko to fight Ulti after the punch, but Nami beat her to it.

The One Piece cliffhanger ends with Nami striking a hard blow on Ulti. The baddie goes flying, and our resident navigator is determined to teach Ulti a lesson. "Who said you could hit Tama," Nami demands after she lands a solid blow on Kaido's lackey. "I'm going to stay and crush her!"


Now, it seems like Tama will be escaping with Usopp, and the big question remaining has to do with Big Mom. The Yonko might stay to help Nami, but fans are eager to see what the heroine can do on her own. It has been a while since Nami had a big battle on her own, and Ulti is a devastating foe to test her mettle on. So if you want to see how Navi's power level is faring, you best keep up with the One Piece manga moving forward!

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