One Piece Sets Up Big Mom's Massive Beef with Ulti

The War for Wano is continuing to tear apart the isolated nation as the Straw Hat Pirates tussle with Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but it seems as if the sides between the heroes and the villains are becoming that much more blurry, as Big Mom has one of Kaido's strongest warriors in her sights. Following Big Mom's discovery that the Beast Pirates had slashed and burned the tiny town known as Okobore, it seems that if the former Rock Pirate is looking to get some revenge before once again picking up arms against the Straw Hat Pirates.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1012, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll dive into spoiler territory.

As we learned in the previous installment, Big Mom discovered that the Beast Pirates were responsible for the destruction of Okobore, the town that had shown Olin kindness in the past. Though Big Mom has been nothing if not evil throughout her tenure as a big bad within the series of One Piece, it's clear that the kindness that was shown to her by the citizens of the small town left an impression, as she rampages through the Beast Pirates to discover just who was responsible.

One Piece Big Mom
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Hilariously, Nami attempts to fuel the fire of Big Mom's rage, yelling to her that Ulti was responsible for the "thing that made her sad," Following this declaration, Ulin actually slaps away O-Tama, who formed a relationship with Big Mom as well, fueling the fire of the upcoming battle.

With Ulin staring down Big Mom, their potential fight is interrupted when Nami decides to interject and smacks away the top general of Kaido's forces. While Big Mom still has a score to settle with Luffy and his friends, it's clear that she has become a wild card among the combatants in the War for Wano, looking to take down members from both sides.


As Kaido struggles against Luffy on the roof of the Beast Pirates' headquarters, it will be interesting to see whether or not Big Mom decides to try to take down the Captain of the Beast Pirates herself.

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