One Piece Hypes Luffy's Big Dream in Emotional Crew Scene

Monkey D. Luffy has been vying to become the pirate king since One Piece's earliest stories, with the Straw Hat Captain assembling his crew in helping him to achieve this dream. While Luffy's dream remains a mystery to readers that have followed the manga for decades, the Straw Hat Pirates have finally heard what Monkey wants to achieve by gaining the crown and the reactions across the board are well worth the admission price as the Final Arc continues.   

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1060, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

Some fans might be frustrated that we have yet to learn what Luffy is looking to do with his potential title as king of the pirates, though from the different reactions of the Straw Hats, it's clear that it is a whopper of a dream. As Luffy explains, he had previously revealed his dream to his brothers Sabo and Ace, with the Straw Hat Captain noting that Sabo "just wants everyone to be free" and is looking to see the world and write a book about it. 

Following the big reveal to his crew, Usopp states that Luffy's dream isn't possible, with Luffy responding:

"Maybe it is, once I'm the king of the pirates." while also realizing that he had only told his brothers and Red-Haired Shanks previously, causing the three to laugh and even have tears in their eyes. Whatever Luffy is hoping to do as the king of the pirates, it's clear that he won't be able to do it without gaining the crown.

The Wano Arc might have seen a large number of friends and foes converge on the isolated nation, but it's clear that the Straw Hat Pirates have missed out on quite a bit when it came to the Grand Line, and it's clear that they're looking to make up for the lost time. With the Final Arc ratcheting up the stakes and more than a few familiar faces already returning after being away for quite a while, this is an arc where anything can happen.

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