One Piece Reveals the Marines' Powerful New Weapons

One Piece is continuing to show off the state of the world following Wano heading into the final saga of the series, and the newest chapter has added a major wrench to the equation with a monstrous new weapon that the Marines have secretly developed! Before the third act of the Wano Country arc began, the Marines had revealed they successfully developed a new weapon that was going to work so well for them that they no longer needed the powers of the Seven Warlords to keep the rest of the world in check. Now we've finally gotten to see what this new weapon actually is.

It was teased that this new weapon would mean the Marines no longer needed each of the powerful Warlords, and the newest chapter of the series unfortunately confirms that this is indeed the case with a new line of Pacifistas unleashed on Boa Hancock and the Emperor Blackbeard! These new Seraphim models seem to not only have the powers and looks of the warlords themselves, but have been enhanced in some other ways with the bodies like the Lunarian race we just learned about during Wano

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1059 of One Piece fills in the gap of when the Marines launched their attack on Boa Hancock, and it was revealed that Blackbeard decided to make his move on her as well. Boa's forces were attacked on all sides, but the Marines used this opportunity to launch their new Seraphim Pacifistas to test the weapon's power. These were two child like machines that not only had the power of the previous models, but one was seen with Hawkeye Mihawk's blade and skill, and the other looked just like a younger version of Boa. 

These machines seemed to be powerful enough to push back Blackbeard despite how strong he's become so far, and were enough to get the pirate forces to retreat with just the two of them making their move. Together with the their Lunarian modeled bodies (which made King a powerful member of Kaido's crew), and these new weapons really might turn the tide of power in the Marines' favor going forward. 

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