'One Piece' Fans Are Sobbing Over Luffy's Defense Of Sanji

One Piece isn’t afraid to make its fans cry. Over the years, everything from deaths to [...]

One Piece isn't afraid to make its fans cry. Over the years, everything from deaths to well-timed monologues have made readers teary, and the manga just made all its fans cry when its latest chapter dropped. Oh, and you can thank Monkey D. Luffy for that.

Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump shared the newest chapter of One Piece, and the update saw Sanji and Luffy reunite with the Straw Hat crew following their escape from Cacao Island. The tense affair put the gang in the crosshairs of Big Mom's massive army, and Luffy was out of commission thanks to the injuries he got while battling Katakuri. Just when things looked grim, the Germa 66 forces appeared to back up Sanji, but Judge made sure to berate his son for his weaknesses.

"Why do you care so much about that Straw Hat Luffy?! You're in a place where escape is impossible once you enter," Judge yelled before everyone, putting Sanji on blast. "It's the Yonko, Big Mom's territory! Did you really risk your life just to take back that one person?!

"Sanji is Germa's failure! He can't use his skin as a shield and all he does is cook. He doesn't have a shred of royal pride! He puts his life in danger in order to protect the weak all because of his useless emotions. He has a weak mind! He's unfit to be a soldier. That man is a good-for-nothing!"

The uncomfortable moment was a hard one to watch as Sanji shrunk under the attack. Even the rest of the Straw Hat crew looked livid, but Luffy had no such qualms. The boy just thanked Judge for his words and sat down. However, his following statement made fans do a double-take before bursting into tears.

"That was surprising," the hero said. "Why was he listing out all the good things about you?"

To Sanji's utter shock, Luffy thought all of the failures his father saw were the best parts of the chef. Judge was convinced his son's meager pride was his downfall, but Luffy sees it as a defining feature of his friend. The Vinsmoke family may have reservations about Sanji's soft heart, but Luffy welcomes the chain-smoking fighter as is. And the fact that Luffy didn't even think Jude could be insulting Sanji's personality is enough to make any bromance fiend sob.

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