One Piece Announces Unexpected Two-Week Break

When it comes to work ethic, there are few manga creators like Eiichiro Oda. The man behind One Piece is a machine when drawing, and he rarely takes a break. When absences are in store for the manga, fans are given solid lead time, but One Piece does have its last-minute delays. That seems to be the case nowadays as a new report says the manga is about to take an unexpected two-week break.

The report comes from MANGA Plus, the online library compiled by Shueisha itself. It is there an update was posted on One Piece's page that says its new chapter will drop in mid-October. In fact, a new chapter is not expected to go live until October 16 with Weekly Shonen Jump #46.

This announcement comes as a surprise as Oda's team said nothing for a coming break. The creator did say recently he plans to take frequent breaks as One Piece nears chapter 1,000. However, no hiatus was signaled for this soon. Fans are still waiting for One Piece's editors to officially announce this schedule change.

After all, there is a discrepancy with the schedule currently. Viz Media's online catalog says One Piece will drop a new chapter in 13 days for an October 11 debut. No matter the break's true length, it seems safe to say no new chapter will drop this coming weekend, so fans will need to rely on the anime for their weekly dose of Straw Hat adventures.

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