One Piece Creator Hopes to Release Chapter 1000 Before the Year's End

One Piece has been sailing the Grand Line for decades now, and there is still more to explore with [...]

One Piece has been sailing the Grand Line for decades now, and there is still more to explore with the Straw Hats. After all of these years, the manga is more popular than ever with fans thanks to the success of the Wano arc. There is no doubt creator Eiichiro Oda is pumped about its success, and that is why the artist says they are trying to publish the series' 1000th chapter ahead of 2021.

The news comes from the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there Oda left an author's comment for fans, and it had to do with his next big milestone. After all, One Piece is less than ten chapters away from hitting 1000, and Oda says he hopes to publish the big update before the year's end.

According to the note, Oda plans to take a week's break every two to three weeks. This pace should allow him to publish chapter 1000 just before 2020 wraps. Such a gift would be welcomed by readers around the world, and you can bet Oda is just as anxious to release the chapter as we are to read it.


Of course, fans have been trying to figure out a schedule for One Piece moving forward. The only thing Oda's team has to contend with is a publishing holiday at the end of December. There is traditionally a gap in publishing during the last week of December. But even with breaks planned every so often, it is totally feasible for Oda to publish chapter 1000 before the new year.

This milestone is obviously a major one for Oda, so fans are cheering on the artist as the manga nears the chapter in question. And if other One Piece landmarks have taught us anything, well - it is that chapter 1000 is going to have us all in our feels.

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