One Piece Went All Out for Sanji's Fight with X-Drake

One Piece fans are never going to turn down some good animation, and they have gotten a fair bit of that with the Wano Arc. The ongoing story has kept tabs on the Straw Hats and their allies as they navigate their way to an ambush on Kaido's forces. Of course, that means some solid fight sequences have gone down, and another has joined the list all thanks to Sanji.

This weekend saw a new episode of One Piece go live. It was there fans got a look at Sanji as the chef squared up with Zoro to take on Orochi's men. The shogun, who has borrowed the strength of Kaido's crew, is set on squashing the Straw Hats in light of Yasu's death. Of course, Sanji is not about to let that slide, and he took on X-Drake to show how serious he is.

As you can see in the clip below, Sanji went above and beyond while taking on X-Drake. The former Marine may be one of the strongest fighters under Kaido, but the same can be said for Sanji and the Straw Hats. The chef has some seriously strong kicks, and key animator Takashi Kojima is being praised for his work on the scene.

After all, the sequence is gorgeous to look at. There is more sakuga in this scene than most fans are used to seeing in One Piece. Obviously, the treat is appreciated, and it really shows how strong Sanji is. The magnificent scene shows X-Drake being absolutely wrecked by Sanji as the Straw Hat inundates him with fiery kicks. Not even X-Drake's dino form can save him from the heat, and Sanji ends the entire fight perfectly by walking away from a fiery explosion.

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