One Piece Delays New Volume and Magazine Over COVID-19 Production Issues

One Piece has been going hot and heavy with the Straw Hat Pirates' adventures in the isolated nation known as Wano, but unfortunately, it has not been able to completely escape the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and a new delay seems to be on the horizon for an upcoming manga release of Luffy and company. In both Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime iterations of One Piece, there have been several delays as a result of COVID-19 and unfortunately, it seems as if they have yet to come to an end as the upcoming manga delay shows.

The Wano Country Arc, which currently has the Straw Hat Pirates facing off against the nefarious Shogun Orochi and the Beast Pirates led by the invincible Kaido, has been one of the biggest story lines of the franchise to date and the manga has been coming closer and closer to its end. With the anime episodes attempting to add a new artistic flair to the events that have already taken place in the chapters of the manga, a new art team has been blowing fans' minds when it comes to the re-united Straw Hats fighting against the dangerous forces of Wano!

One Piece Manga Delays COVID-19
(Photo: Shonen Jump)

ANN reported that the three upcoming One Piece publications that will be delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic include "One Piece manga volume 97, One Piece Oda Eiichiro Gashū Tiger Color Walk 9 (One Piece by Eiichiro Oda Tiger Color Walk 9 art book), and One Piece Magazine Vol. 10", moving their original dates of September 4th to September 16th respectively!

Things have definitely been heating up in the manga, as the final war for Wano has begun and the battle has been brought directly to the Beast Pirates' leader in Kaido. With the creator of the popular anime franchise, Eiichiro Oda, going on record that he has the ending of the series in mind, which is closer to hitting than many believe, this story line definitely has been hitting all the right buttons for fans of Monkey D. Luffy and his quest to become the King of the Pirates within the world of the Grand Line!


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