One Piece Spoils Major Marine Traitor Reveal in New Opening

One Piece's newest episode debuted a brand new opening for the anime teasing many of the future events coming in the Wano Country arc, and it might have gone a bit overboard in some regards as one of the moments in it actually spoils a major Marine traitor reveal later in the manga. There are several moments in the new opening that flash by in an instant, but the way some of these moments are laid out in the opening clue fans into these spoilers. Warning! This is your last chance to completely avoid spoilers as the rest of this piece will be directly addressing the reveal in question.

One of the sets of images that flashes by in the opening theme sequence sees a few of the Marines laid out in an interesting fashion. There's the Marines we know all about such as Sakazuki, Fujitora, and even Koby, but the final one in this spread is actually the big, spoiler filled reveal. If you look closely enough, you can see the Worst Generation pirate (and current Headliner for Kaido's Beasts Pirates) X Drake. Why is he there? There's a handy, spoiler-filled manga explanation for this.

Later in the Wano Country arc, there's a tease that the Marines have built up a force strong enough to take on the increasing pirate threat of Kaido and Big Mom's alliance. It's touted to be such a strong force, that they no longer need to rely on the strength of outside alliances such as the ones they have with the Shichibukai. There's not much known about this organization's members just yet, but they are revealed to be named SWORD.

One Piece Koby X Drake Marine Traitor Spoiler Revealed Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Part of this reveal involves X Drake as he turns out to be a Marine informant secretly working for SWORD and passing on information about Kaido's deeds to the Navy. There are still many mysterious about the members of this organization, but Koby and X Drake are seen in the opening confirming their SWORD involvement for anime fans. Curiously, Fujitora and Sakazuki are there and just might be members of this secret force as well.


But what do you think? Was this too big of a spoiler for One Piece's new opening? Was it made mysterious enough that anime fans would not have figured it out? Was it even the biggest reveal of the new opening overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!