Netflix's One Piece Features the Most Epic Narrator

One Piece's live-action series on Netflix is scoring some solid reviews, and has a most epic narrator.

Not everyone has had the chance to catch the thousand-plus episodes of One Piece that have risen from the depths since the series first debuted in the late 1990s. With so much content to cover, it should come as no surprise that the recent live-action adaptation of the Grand Line is taking the opportunity to have a narrator help new and old fans learn about these new Straw Hat Pirates. Luckily, Netflix just so happened to cast quite the epic actor when it comes to narrating the live-action anime adaptation.'s own Megan Peters gave the live-action series a glowing review, stating that it was a worthy adaption for both new and old fans alike, "The seas of One Piece are brought to life in this live-action adaptation with care. From the Going Merry to Shell Town and the Baratie, the sets of One Piece are appropriately grand. The adaptation allows itself to lean into the whacky nature of Oda's original tale while grounding it in all the right spots. Even the manga's wildest loves like Transponders Snail with a surreal yet level-headed vision. Netflix's adaptation may have needed to condense its pacing a hair to adapt everything it needed for season one, but it isn't done in vain. The streamlined story is accessible for fans and newcomers alike, so One Piece can rest easy about its cuts."

(Photo: Netflix)

One Piece's Narrator is an American God

Ian McShane has had quite a few prolific roles in the past, playing important parts in beloved series such as Deadwood, Game of Thrones, American Gods, and the John Wick film series. Now, the thespian has added a new role to his resume as the narrator for Netflix's One Piece series. Helping to break down the world of the Grand Line, McShane's voice is a fantastic way to explain the many elements in this world of swashbuckling.

Ironically enough, this isn't McShane's first time lending his talents to a world of pirates. Playing the role of Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the actor shows that he has the chops to board a pirate vessel. Considering there is a prominent character named Blackbeard in One Piece, perhaps McShane can play double duty.

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