New One Piece Chapter Shares Special Art Easter Egg

One Piece is in a great place right now, with anime fans captivated by the events of the Wano [...]

One Piece is in a great place right now, with anime fans captivated by the events of the Wano Country arc in both the anime and the manga. While the television series currently is following Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates as they traverse the isolated nation, the manga is showing us a walk through the past as the story of Oden is told. With the story of the Daimyo of Kuri bringing the fight to Orochi, the pint sized tyrant who has taken over Wano as the new shogun, Oden has found himself in some serious hot water, literally! Now, one fan has found an interesting Easter Egg that connects the character of Goemon to Oden!

In the recent manga chapter, Oden is given a death sentence, told by Orochi and Kaido of the Beast Pirates that he will be boiled alive. In an effort to save both himself and his vassals, Oden shows just how much he loves his friends and his land by holding them above as his head as he is plunged into the boiling cauldron. To show you just how tough the Daimyo of Kuri is, a guard falls into the pot and is instantly killed, with his body being burned to a shell of its former self. Needless to say, we aren't sure if Oden is going to pull away from this death sentence alive, but rest assured, he's earned his stripes.

Twitter User D_Kumii shared this amazing comparison, placing Oden side by side with the legendary figure of Japanese folklore, Goemon, who was an outlaw that stole from the rich to give to the poor and was also boiled alive as part of a public execution:

If you aren't familiar with the character of Goemon, he shares many similarities with the folklore of Robin Hood, being presented as a lovable thief who is attempting to make the world a better place thanks to his skills. Goemon eventually succumbed to the boiling water that he was plunged into, holding atop his son in hopes that his offspring would survive. Obviously, this is a situation very similar to that of Oden, though the wandering samurai has a much heavier weight to shoulder as all of his vessels are being held aloft.

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