One Piece: Stampede's Big Highlights Surface Online

One Piece: Stampede has been one of the most anticipated film releases of the year as the [...]

One Piece: Stampede has been one of the most anticipated film releases of the year as the franchise seems to be going for big things in honor of One Piece's 20th Anniversary. Each new trailer for the film only seemed to emphasize this further as more and more characters are confirmed to be a part of the new film. But apparently that's only the tip of the iceberg as new details and highlights have been coming out of the woodwork.

With the film gearing up for its big premiere in Japan this August, new details from One Piece: Stampede are starting to surface online and seem to hint that the scale of the film is much bigger than initially thought. Read on for more, but beware of some spoilers for those who want to go in completely blind!

According to details mentioned by @mana_ on Twitter, One Piece: Stampede features "around 200 characters." There's no detail as to what this may mean, as it could be a number reflecting a general crowd amount, but it's probably a hint that many full crews will be attending the big Pirate Festival at the center of the story. With the Shichibukai, Marines, and Worst Generation in tow, many players will be on the table.

Along with this, @mana_ mentions highlights of the film include Fujitora vs. Zoro (which is briefly seen in the latest trailer), Sanji vs. Smoker, and a team-up at the end of the film of unlikely allies. The latest trailer also seemed to hint that Luffy was going to be teaming up with Law, Sabo, Boa Hancock, Buggy, Smoker, and even Rob Lucci in some fashion and @mana_ mentioned their team-up was a big point in the film.

These highlights and details are unconfirmed, but with the film releasing in Japan soon fans will find out for themselves soon enough. One Piece: Stampede is currently scheduled to hit theaters August 9th in Japan, but there is currently no word on its release to other territories as of this writing.

Fuji TV officially describes the film as such, "The world's greatest exposition of the pirates, by the pirates, for the pirates - the Pirates Festival. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew receive an invitation from its host Buena Festa who is known as the Master of Festivities. They arrive to find a venue packed with glamorous pavilions and many pirates including the ones from the Worst Generation. The place is electric."

New characters and cast members for the film include Tsutomu Isobe as Douglas Bullet, Yusuke Santamaria as Buena Festa, Rino Sashihara as Ann, Ryota Yamasato as Donald Moderate, and Chinese fashion model and singer Ron Monroe, YouTuber group Fischer's, and Naoto Takenaka in currently unconfirmed roles.