One Piece Stuns with Zoro Fight Scene in Newest Episode

One Piece's Wano Country arc has been particularly good to Roronoa Zoro as the staff behind the series have given the fan favorite samurai some of the slickest fights in the arc to date, but the newest episode of the series still took fans' breath away with a fight against a surprise assassin. Episode 933 of the series rejoins Zoro as he's currently on the hunt for Shusui after it had been stolen from him, and this led to not only a great fight against the mysteriously skilled Onimaru who believes Zoro stole it from Wano.

But as the fight between the two continued, they were suddenly interrupted by Komurasaki and Toko as they were running from a mysterious assassin. They were still trying to escape after making light of Shogun Orochi in a previous episode, and Zoro decided to help the two of them when he discovered that they had already been harmed by this assassin.

It turns out this assassin is actually working for Orochi, but has been doing dirty work as just a random killer throughout Wano. Sensing this new assassin's skill, Zoro begins his attack and the two of them begin a stunningly animated fight as Zoro tests his mettle against the horrifically laughing Hitokiri Kamazo.

Zoro plays it cool here, and once again reminds fans why we love him so much too. Upon discovering that Komurasaki and Toko were being chased, Zoro quickly gets a grasp of the situation and decides to help them after being "hired" with the promise of food and sake. But that's not all as Onimaru continues attacking Zoro throughout this fight too!

Touting that the duel between them isn't over, Zoro has to fight back to supremely skilled swordsmen while making sure the two women are safe. It's a heavy task to juggle, and one we definitely want to see play out in the next episode of the anime! But what do you think?


What did you think of this fight between Zoro and Hitokiri in the newest One Piece episode? How does this stack up to some of Zoro's biggest fights in the series so far? How are you enjoying seeing Zoro in the Wano Country arc? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!