One Piece Promo Hypes Episode 933 with Zoro Animation

One Piece has returned following its brief hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, continuing the epic tale of the Wano Saga, and the next episode is hyping some big moments for the Straw Hat Pirates' swordsman who goes by the name of Roronoa Zoro with a brief episode preview! With the Wano Arc being considered as one of the best story lines of the anime franchise created by Eiichiro Oda, fans are on the edge of their seats when it comes to the story being told in both the series' anime and manga installments!

Wano has been a big turning point for Zoro, being discovered by his friends in the Straw Hat Pirates following the two year time skip that saw each member of the crew attempting to gain new levels of power in their quest to discover the treasure dubbed "One Piece", as well as fight more powerful foes. With Kaido and his Beast Pirates presenting an entirely new deadly threat, Roronoa has been training like never before, apparently having lost an eye in the process and living the life of a wandering samurai in the isolated nation that acts as the focal point for the deadliest adventure that Luffy and company have perhaps ever faced!

Twitter User D_Kumii shared the brief snippet from the preview for the next episode of One Piece, showing off the moves that Zoro has learned during his time training while being separated from the Straw Hats and growing that much stronger in the ways of the sword:

Episode 933, titled "Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duel on Oihagi Bridge", is slated to release later this week, continuing the story of Zoro and his friends as they attempt to free the people of Wano from the nefarious reign of both the Shogun Orochi and the Beast Pirates. As followers of the manga know, Zoro will continue to play a decisive role in the war for Wano, learning some new skills and becoming perhaps one of the most important players in the battle that is to come in attempting to fulfill the dream of Wano's champion in Oden.

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