One-Punch Man is Finally Ending the Garou Arc After Seven Years

One-Punch Man's newest chapter officially brought one of its biggest fights ever to an end, and with it the series will officially be capping off Garou's saga after seven long years of serialization! The Human Monster Saga has been the longest running single arc in Yusuke Murata's illustrated version of ONE's webcomic to date. Kicking off with Garou's introduction to the series, the saga then fully exploded to a full war between the Hero and Monster Associations. This all led to a final fight between Saitama and Garou, and this fight has finally come to an end.

Garou's involvement in the series really took a backseat for a while as the Monster Association then became the full antagonist while he was growing in his monsterization abilities. With the massive latest chapter released for the series, the fight between the two of them had now officially come to an end with an unsurprising winner winning in an unsurprising way. With the chapter seemingly bringing everything to an end, Yusuke Murata took to Twitter to assure fans that the Garou saga indeed will be coming to an end very soon. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

As Murata had noted to fans on Twitter following the latest nearly 80 page chapter capping off Saitama and Garou's fight, the next chapter of the series will be exploring the aftermath of the Garou arc. Working towards this ending for seven years of serialization, Murata confirms that the arc will indeed be over soon as he promises fans that he will continue drawing much more. So while it's an end of an era for the manga itself, it thankfully does not seem like it will be the end of the manga's run overall as there is still much more ground to cover. 

The series has lots of options to explore next as while the fight with Garou might have taken Saitama to a godly new level, the climax of the fight introduced the number one hero's one secret galaxy warping group that seems to be fighting some other form of evil. Garou's final possession seemed to tease there are some massive beings out there that could give Saitama even more proper challenges, and thus fans will still have even more of the heroes going forward. 


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