One-Punch Man Breaks Hearts With Major Hero Death

One-Punch Man has reached the heated climax of the fight between Saitama and Garou, and the newest chapter definitely rocked fans by taking out a major hero during the course of the battle! The Human Monster saga has been the longest running saga in the series as a whole, and recently took a massive U-turn as to how it was planning to end. Although it had seemed like Saitama and Garou would come to an understanding that wouldn't need the two to fight at their full strength, this went out the window as the series instead kicked their fight into an even higher gear.

The newest chapter of the official English language release with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump vault continues Saitama's fight with Garou in One-Punch Man, but the fight has been progressing in a way many fans didn't expect. With Garou tapping into the powers of his terrifying new Cosmic Fear Mode, Saitama has found himself against the first real challenge that he's fought in the series thus far. This left him out of the battle for a moment, and in those few seconds Garou manages to take out a major hero. Full spoilers for One-Punch Man's manga to follow! 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 164 of One-Punch Man picks up right after Saitama was knocked out of the fight thanks to Garou's nuclear level blasts he landed on the hero in the previous chapter. Naturally Saitama is fine, of course, but that's not the same story for all of the other heroes. Not only have they been seriously weakened through their fights against the Monster Association up to this point, but Garou's new god level power is weakening them even more with all of his nuclear radiation. But Genos (whose body was already wrecked at this point) remains unaffected by this and throws himself at Garou. 

Garou blocks Genos' final attack before piercing his chest and pulling Genos' core out of his body. This leaves oil raining from the sky as Saitama comes back to the scene, and after seeing Genos' lifeless body, it's clear that Saitama will be even more serious than before. It's unlikely that Genos has completely lost his life (given how much the machine has survived before), but it's also far from guaranteed that he could even be rebuilt after this. It's still the biggest death Saitama has seen yet, and will likely bring this fight to a close next

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