One-Punch Man Finally Reveals the Number One Hero's Power

One-Punch Man is heating up the fight between Saitama and Garou, and the with the number one hero Blast getting into the thick of the action, the series has finally revealed what kind of power he has at his disposal. The number one hero of the S Class rank has been one of the most mysterious Hero Association members in the series thus far. Even more so was the fact that he was not around for the majority of the fights against the Monster Association, but this began to change as the fights reached a new fever pitch as it continued.

While we have seen Blast in the past through short bursts in the previous chapters of the series, it was hinted that he had some kind of dimensional warping ability as he and a few other heroes were working on seemingly bigger threats than seen from the Monster Association. But with Garou providing the biggest threat to each of them with the latest chapters of Viz Media's official English language release of One-Punch Man, it's revealed that his power is actually nuclear in nature as he fights off against Garou's nuclear radiated body. 

Chapter 164 of One-Punch Man sees Blast jump to the battlefield as Garou sets his sights on the heroes (after managing to knock Saitama out of the area for a moment), and he's able to stand up to Garou's new nuclear power. He knows all about the evil space god that is using the hero hunter as a conduit, and not only does his power have a nuclear affinity, his powers are rooted in cosmic energies as well. He begins to warp the space around Garou and imbue gravity into his punches, but Garou is able to bounce back thanks to his own godly level power. 

It's still not enough to take down Garou's new form, of course, but it's clear that Blast has the amount of power fit for the number one hero in the series. It's by far from Saitama's level of strength, but it's also a good tease as to what the hero might have been doing up to this point if he's been focused on otherworldly and dimensional threats. At least fans know he might pose a good challenge to Saitama too. 

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