One-Punch Man Art Proves Jason Statham Needs to Join Hollywood's Adaptation

One-Punch Man fans were taken by surprise when it was announced that Sony Pictures is now producing a live-action adaptation of the series with Venom scribes Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner handling the script. Since the film is so early on into development, unfortunately there aren't any concrete details as to the cast, release date, or even what it's going to be adapting. Thankfully fans have taken up the task as to which actors would be a perfect fit for the upcoming Hollywood film, and one actor that has come up quite a bit is Jason Statham. Though some recent art of the star will make you want him in a different role than you would first expect.

Artist alihooha shared their take on Jason Statham to Reddit, and the art imagines Statham taking on the role of the S-Class Rank 7 hero, King. With his tough face, Statham would make for the perfect intimidating figure. If the film allowed King to show off his more cowardly side, Statham would be perfect in bringing out that hilarious dynamic.

Jason Statham as King for the live-action movie from r/OnePunchMan

King is essentially the hero in the One-Punch Man universe that has been taking credit for Saitama's monster killing efforts. A cowardly shut in, King has been touted as the strongest man in the hero world thanks to always being in the right place at the right time. Couple this with his tough exterior belying his true cowardly self, and it's a hilarious role for Statham to bring to life. Imagine this action hero putting on that bravado only to be called out later as a huge fake.

There are a number of great actors who could bring Saitama to life, but filling out the rest of the cast of heroes will definitely be interesting to see as the new film comes together. ONE has created a wild world full of wacky personalities, and a Hollywood take on that is sure to be one to watch play out over the next year or so.

How do you feel knowing One-Punch Man is getting a live-action movie from Sony Pictures? Who should be part of the cast in the new film? Are you waiting on news for a potential third season instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!