One-Punch Man Trolls Fans With Saitama vs. Garou Fight Fake-Out

One-Punch Man definitely threw fans for a loop with a major fight fake out between Saitamaand Garou in the newest chapter of the manga series! The massive Monster Association Saga has reached its climax as the final members of the Hero Association fight against the remaining threats, and those monsters are just getting stronger with each new chapter. Making matters even more complicated is the fact that the monsterized Garou has made his way to the fight as well, and the newest chapters of the series have seen him getting stronger as time passes too. But someone else has also made it back to the battlefield.

The previous chapter of the series officially brought Saitama back to the battlefield after he had spent a huge chunk of chapters stuck underground looking for a way back to the surface after taking down the Monster King Orochi. With Saitama's return to the fight, the heroes got a major new hope for the end of the battle to come. But as the newest chapter of the series revealed, there's actually the much bigger hope of a fight between Saitama and Garou that fans got trolled over in a pretty surprising way. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 153 of Viz Media's official English language release for One-Punch Man picks up right after Saitama returns to the fight and he gets a quick survey of just what has happened while he had been underground. He soon locks eyes with Garou, and starts running straight ahead. Garou braces himself for the fight, but it's soon revealed that Saitama's not interested in the monster Garou at all. Instead all he cared about in that moment was finding out whether or not Genos was okay. 

This fake-out of a fight between the two of them is definitely one that stings considering the last time they had "fought" Saitama easily dispatched Garou without even realizing he was in a fight. With Garou's new power fans had wanted to see whether or not he could match up even better with Saitama, but it seems like it's going to be a while before we get to see this rematch between the two of them. More waiting, but hopefully it'll be worth it down the line. 

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