One-Punch Man Finally Sees Saitama Return to the Fight With Latest Cliffhanger

One-Punch Man has finally brought Saitamaback to the battlefield with the cliffhanger from the manga's newest chapter! It's been a wild couple of years for the manga series as the Monster Association Saga has been the longest of the series yet. The full war between the heroes and the monsters has reached its climax as the final S-Class heroes standing find themselves struggling against all of the Dragon level monster threats that only seem to be getting stronger with each new chapter. But things might be changing for the better as the strongest hero has finally returned.

Saitama might have quickly defeated the Monster King Orochi in a battle that fans had been waiting to see (of which he was ultimately disappointed by), but following that fight Saitama has spent the majority of the chapters we have seen this year trapped underground with Flashy Flash. But when the number one ranked hero, Burst, finally made his debut in the series, he ultimately helped Saitama get out of his trapped situation and rescues he and Flashy Flash with the help of one of his portals...which comes into play with the newest chapter. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 152 of the series continues the onslaught against the various S-Class Heroes, and reveals that each of their efforts from the previous chapter are pretty much in vain still. The monsters who had seemingly been defeated before like Vomited Fuhrer Ugly are returning to the fight, and others like Black Spermatazoon are evolving to new levels. Thankfully Garou has a change of heart and manages to kill off a number of these threats. The fight's still clearly far from over though, and the final moments of the chapter see Saitama and Flashy Flash emerge from Burst's portal. 

Saitama finally arriving means the hero's victory is essentially secured but what will complicate things is just how many opponents there are to face. Not only that, but Saitama's still not seen in a great light by the S-Class Heroes. There's also the factor of Garou seemingly breaking out of his monster form, and that means Saitama's attention is going to be a bit thrown off. It's also a matter if finding out if he's going to jump into the fight soon at all. 


Either way, it's a very exciting return right when the heroes had no moves left to use. What do you think? Curious to see if Saitama's going to step into the fight next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!