One-Punch Man Reveals Emotional Saitama and Genos Reunion

One-Punch Man really pulled on the heartstrings with Saitamaand Genos' emotional reunion with the newest chapter of the manga! The manga has reached the climax of the Monster Association Saga as the final remaining members of the Monster Association continue to fight against the last heroes standing. It's been an especially rough road for Genos as his body has been destroyed once more, and there was no one really left to save the day. That was until the previous chapter officially brought Saitama back to the action as he and Flashy Flash emerged from Blast's portal and arrived on the surface.

Now that Saitama has been brought back to the battlefield in full, it is really only a matter of time before he gets into the fight as well. But before that actually happens, he's got some higher priorities. It initially seemed like Saitama was about to start fighting against all of the monsters in the newest chapter of the series, but instead he shifts his focus to the damaged Genos after spotting him. With some choice words, the two of them have an emotional reunion after spending pretty much the entire fight split up. 

Chapter 153 of Viz Media's official English language release of One-Punch Man's manga picks up right after Saitama and Flashy Flash found themselves on the surface, and Saitama quickly runs to Genos' side. Genos is still very much worse for wear after wrecking much of his body through the fight, but he's a bit ashamed by his current state. Saitama finds out from King that Genos' body was wrecked because he was protecting Tatsumaki, and quickly praises him for the good job. Genos refuses the praise at first as he's sorrowful over the fact that he couldn't self-destruct like he tried to. 

Wondering if he has failed to grow stronger because of his loss here, Genos can't help but feel down. Saitama quickly brushes that aside, however, and notes that Genos has grown stronger in his heart. With this, Genos is thankfully out of his cloud of doubt and his master and pupil relationship with Saitama grows just a bit closer. What's even wilder about all of this is up above them is a high flying, high speed fight between Flashy Flash, Garou, and Spematazoon above them but Saitama and Genos don't care. 

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