One-Punch Man Shows Off Garou's Monster Form Power

One-Punch Man showed off the power of Garou's new monster form with the newest chapter of the [...]

One-Punch Man showed off the power of Garou's new monster form with the newest chapter of the series! The Yusuke Murata illustrated manga version of ONE's original webcomic series continues with the newest chapter released through Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library, and the previous chapter left things on an explosive cliffhanger as it was revealed that Garou had completed the monstrous transformation he has been slowly undergoing since his introduction at the start of the Human Monster saga. This terrifying new form also comes with a huge boost of power that we get to see a little of in action.

The Human Monster saga has taken an intense turn as the remaining S-Class Heroes continue to struggle against the final God level monsters, and it got worse when the previous chapter of the series revealed Garou's monstrous new form. It was teased with this cliffhanger that Bang's brother Bomb and even Fubuki would have to step into the fight first, and that's what we see in action in Chapter 145 of the series.

One-Punch Man Garou Monster Form Power Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 145 picks up right where that left off as Garou immediately charges at Bomb and easily dodges every one of his strikes. Bomb was holding off to let Bang deal with his disciple, but has to go all out in order to keep up. Soon Bomb and the monstrous Garou then move too fast for Fubuki to keep up with. It even gets to the point where Bomb has to knock him away to create some distance from the heroes and monsters fights.

Bomb struggles against this new Garou, and wonders whether or not his new abilities are reflective of his rapidly accruing experience (as Garou has been doing nothing but fighting since his introduction) or his monstrous transformation. Either way, Garou has now accumulated all kinds of techniques and worked them into a new fighting style. Bomb then further confirms Garou's new strength when Garou is able to cancel out and counter one of his strongest strikes.

The chapter comes to an end as Bang arrives on the scene and teases that the fight between master and pupil will truly begin in full now. With Garou's new power he's going to be tough, but we've seen all sorts of surprises from Bang. What do you think? Does Bang have a chance at beating this monstrous new Garou? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!