Ouran High School Host Club Creator Discusses Possible Spin-Off Ideas

Ouran High School Host Club has been quiet for years now, but the fandom backing the shojo lives [...]

Ouran High School Host Club has been quiet for years now, but the fandom backing the shojo lives on. Bisco Hatori's masterful series amassed millions of fans upon its launch, and many of them want more. Now, the revered artist is opening up about Ouran years after its finale, and she says there is room for spin-offs should the right story spark them.

Recently, ComicBook.com got the chance to speak with Hatori during her appearance at Anime Expo 2019. It was there the artist said a couple characters from Ouran would beg a spin-off so long as the story explored the host club members in a well-thought manner.

"I would say its a little bit difficult, but I would probably take Kaoru and Kyoya," Hatori said.

"Throughout the series, I was never out to create two dimensional characters. They help me out, they are very well-thought out. And during the series, I was really able to touch upon that, and [these characters] also have a lot of growth. So theoretically if I wanted to explore [Ouran] further, it would be those two."

Of course, it is easy to see why Kyoya Ootori and Kaoru Hitachiin are go-to picks for Hatori. The latter is best-known as the vice president of the host club, and his chic demeanor also made him a second lead to Tamaki. Fans grew more interested in Kyoya's tsundere personality as Ouran went on while Kaoru could not be more different. As one-half of a twin set, Kaoru had a difficult childhood but leaned heavily on his older brother Hikaru growing up. Fans of the series often knew Kaoru as the kinder Hitachiin twin, and they always wanted him to get an in-depth character arc similar to Hikaru.

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Bisco Hatori is the writer behind the shojo title, and Ouran High School Host Club has since become a staple of the genre. As for the series itself, it follows a girl named Haruhi as the scholarship student attends Ouran Academy. The school is a haven for rich kids, leaving Haruhi to stick out. However, her plans to go unnoticed end when she finds herself in debt to the school's host club. Her meek look makes its leader Tamaki think she's a boy, so she begins working as a host in the club. So, as expected, things go awry when her gender is revealed and Tamaki falls for the headstrong heroine.