Iconic Pokemon Animator Opens Youtube Channel to Teach Fans

Pokemon fans love a good battle sequence, and many of the anime's iconic moments have come from an animator named Masaaki Iwane. The legendary artist has found a way to keep busy during quarantine, and he did so by creating an educational channel on Youtube dedicated to all things animation. The page is set to launch on May 10, and Iwane promises to teach eager fans tricks and tips for animation.

According to reports, Iwane announced his plans to debut a Youtube channel on May 3. This move was met with praise by fans who are big fans of his work. After all, Iwane has worked on the Pokemon anime since day one and continues to ink some of its most stunning episodes. He also did some of Dragon Ball Z's greatest fights, so there is plenty to learn from Iwane when it comes to animation.

There is no word on what Iwane's upload schedule will look like or the kind of content he will roll out. Currently, the artist uses Twitter to share behind-the-scenes reels of scenes he's animated. Iwane is known to share complex animation tests which work out motions, physics, and color. And if fans are lucky, his Youtube will continue delving into these reels with even more detail.

Currently, there is little fans can do but wait to see what Iwane's channel is all about. May 10 marks its official debut, and the artist has work to do even with quarantine going on. Most recently, Iwane has been putting his time into the new Pokemon anime, but production has halted on the show in light of the ongoing pandemic. Iwane may be able to do some work at home, but unless he wants to animated entire episodes (again), he will have to wait for his coworkers' scenes for a bit.

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