Pokemon Is Streaming All Its Movies for Free for Some People

If you can believe it, there are well over 20 Pokemon movies out there to date. The franchise has been rolling out features since 1999 when Mewtwo struck back, and there are even more to come. And if you are one of the lucky fans out there, you will be able to watch a number of those movies for free through the Pokemon website.

The deal goes a little something like this; The official Pokemon website has uploaded a ton of its movies for fans to watch for free. Sadly, films 4-7 are not available to stream, but you can catch the rest of them through the site. This deal is good in the United States, but U.K. fans are getting a little bit more.

After all, films 4-7 are available to watch in the United Kingdom. The reason these movies are not streaming on the website in the U.S. all comes down to licensing. Pokemon 4ever, Pokemon Heroes, Jirachi Wishmaker, and Destiny Deoxys were all licensed by Miramax so it is more difficult to stream those.

pokemon anime movie
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

So if you are looking to stream all of Pokemon, you will have to do a bit of flip-flopping in the U.S. You can check out the missing movies on Amazon Prime if you have an account, and the majority of them can be bought digitally as well.


If these movies are not enough to keep you satisfied, you should know Netflix has a gift in the works. The site will become the exclusive licenser of Pokemon Journeys in the U.S. starting this June. But until then, this movie library will have to keep you satisfied! Netflix also has Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon as well as the Indigo League available if you need a bit of a catch up.

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