Pokemon Anime Sees Ash Evolve a Fan-Favorite Ultra Beast

When it comes to Pokemon, Ash Ketchum is aiming to catch 'em all. The protagonist was introduced [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, Ash Ketchum is aiming to catch 'em all. The protagonist was introduced to fans decades ago, and he has come a long way since he first met Pikachu. Not long ago, audiences watched as Ash won his first-ever region league, and that's not all. Recently, a new episode went live for Pokemon: Sun and Moon which revealed something special about Ash's team.

Recently, the latest episode of Pokemon went live, and it followed Ash in the wake of his big win. As the first Alola Champion, Ash has the opportunity to fight Professor Kukui at last, but they had a bit of an issue standing in the way of the battle. The appearance of a Shiny Guzzlord throws them all off track, but they do not have to worry for long.

After all, Ash's Poipole made a surprise return, but the character was looking real different. When Poipole returned, he came through an Ultra Wormhole after having evolved into a Nagandel, and the creature helped Pikachu return Guzzlord to his home without any incident.

Of course, Pokemon fans were quick to geek out about the arrival as it has been quite awhile since Poipole was seen. The Pokemon appeared last when he returned to his hive, but Poipole made sure to bid Ash and Pikachu a fond farewell. Now, it turns out the creature has become a revered Naganadel sporting both dragon-insect features. Currently, fans are being forced to look at all of Ash's current Alola catches and realize how stacked his team is. If Pikachu and Melmetal weren't enough for you, Ash has a Naganadel on his side, and that isn't even to mention his other catches like Rowlet.

Of course, it sounds like Ash's Poipole-turned-Naganadel will not stick around forever. The creature left Ash to be with his kind before, and it sounds like the monster still has things to do at home. However, it goes without saying that Ash's care for Poipole helped spur it into the evolved monster it is today, and no trainer in Alola should dare care to contend the fact.

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