Pokemon Releases Sneak-Peek at Ash's Final Episode

Pokemon has become one of the world's biggest brands, and Ash Ketchum has been with the series every step of the way. From Kanto to Paldea, the trainer has been around for all of Pokemon's biggest releases, and millions came to know the Pokemon games because of Ash. However, that will all end soon as the Pokemon anime is parting ways with Ash Ketchum this week. And now, we have been given an emotional peek at how Ash's last outing will go down.

As you can see below, the team behind Pokemon posted an update on its official Twitter, and it was there fans came face to face with Ash. The trainer is seen with Pikachu at hand as the pair return to Pallet Town following a recent trip. It is there they meet up with Gary, and Ash's rival asks an important question.

"I wonder how close you, one who became a champion, are to becoming a Pokemon Master," Gary asks Ash. Looking at this sneak-peek, the question takes Ash by surprise, but his rival is hardly phased. It seems Gary has an idea of whether Ash reached his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master, but now it is time for Ash to reflect on his journey.

As you can imagine, Ash's final episode of Pokemon is going to be emotional at the very least. We have spent nearly three decades with this character as fans met him back in the late '90s. The Pokemon anime has introduced millions if not billions to the franchise by now, and it was Ash who heralded them in. It is incredibly hard to imagine how Pokemon will go on without its mascot, but the anime has plans to do just that.

After all, a brand-new Pokemon anime is slated to drop this April. The show will feature two new leads, Liko and Roy, as they travel across the Paldea region as students. Gifted with mysterious treasures, the pair will be reaching for their own goals when Pokemon's new series begins. So if these newcomers are anything like Ash, they will put their heart and soul into Pokemon. 

What do  you make of this Pokemon peek? Do you think the anime is ready to part ways with Ash? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.