Pokemon Debuts Grimer Trashcans Ahead of New Campaign

Pokemon knows what it takes to make headlines, and the brand is ready to whip up some new takes thanks to an upcoming initiative. As the year starts winding down, The Pokemon Company is ready to push forward with big plans for the coming year. And thanks to a new report, it seems like Grimer Trashcans will be part of those plans.

Recently, an official website launched for Pokemon, and it teases the arrival of a certain initiative. Grimer is about to lead up a campaign that is all about recycling and garbage disposal. In order to teach these lessons, The Pokemon Company will partner with cities in Japan to place random Grimer Trashcans that responds when you toss your waste.

The trashcan Grimer is described as one who loves PET bottles, cans, and other recyclable bottles.

"I'm hungry and will appear in various cities, but no one will know when and where I will appear," the Grimer teases. "If you feed us your favorite [bottles], we will cry out happily. Our reaction depends on what you feed us, so you get a better idea of what it is you ate too!"

According to the Pokemon website, the Grimer will move to new cities once it begins filling up. At this point, no location has been dropped for the trashcan at first, but it seems a map will go live following their launch which tracks the Grimer's movements.


Obviously, this campaign is a great one to get fans invested in waste disposal and the importance of recycling. Grimer may thrive off pollution, but the Pokemon isn't opposed to evolving its habits if it means saving the world. So if you live overseas, you better keep an eye out for this hungry Grimer!

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