Pokemon Coco Drops New Japanese Trailer

Pokemon has enjoyed a very interesting year, and it seems like the franchise will reach its climax for 2020 shortly after Christmas. After all, the delayed debut of Pokemon Coco draws closer every day, and fans are eager to see what this movie has in store. Now, they can get a new look at the anime feature thanks to two new trailers, and the Japanese reels show off all-new footage from Pokemon Coco.

A third full trailer was just released overseas in Japan alongside a new teaser. The reels are the latest to go live ahead of Pokemon Coco's big release. The movie is slated to debut on December 25 in Japanese theaters following its delay earlier this year. The movie was meant to premiere in mid-July, but the pandemic forced The Pokemon Company and TOHO to rethink the release date.

As for what these clips have in store, you can check out the trailer above. The dramatic reel shows the movie's titular hero Coco living amongst the forest after the boy was apparently rescued by Zarude, a Mythical Pokemon. The beast raises Coco like a son, but after the boy meets Ash Ketchum one day, Coco is left unsure of his identity once he is introduced to humanity.

pokemon coco
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The movie seems like it will be a heartfelt one that touches on threads of family and identity. Currently, the film is expected to open in the United States next year, and it will go by the name Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. These new clips also give fans a peek at the movie's opening theme which Filipino artist Beverly recorded. The track "Koko" perfectly suits the film with its soaring vocals, so fans are eager to hear the full single.


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