Pokemon Fan Reveals Impressive Rillaboom Cosplay

When it comes to Pokemon cosplaying, you can do just about anything, but it takes a special talent to make a realistic suit of your favorite monster. It was only a matter of time before the start of generation eight got such a treat, and it turns out gamercosplayerfit is one of the first to show off their take. After all, the artist managed to create a full Rillaboom cosplay which any fan would be proud to wear... even if it does get hot under the mask!

As you imagine, Rillaboom is a hot commodity for cosplayers, and that is thanks to the evolution's sweet style. Reddit user gamercosplayerfit decided they could have fun with such a cosplay if they had enough material. And despite the ongoing pandemic, the fan made it work.

You can see the Pokemon cosplay for yourself below and admire it. The massive cosplay is made with some carefully cut and crafted foam. Obviously, this material makes the costume a bit humid for any fan to wear, but its bright color makes Rillaboom pop perfectly.

(Self) wearing my new Rillaboom cosplay. Have a great day everyone and dont forget to smile. from r/pokemon

Of course, this Pokemon cosplay would not be complete with a set of drums, and it does not disappoint. The fan built a drum kit for Rillaboom to bang on, and the suit includes a pair of drumsticks to help the Pokemon out. Any Grookey fan would have to give this cosplay approval for its attention to detail, and this drum kit shows why.


If Rillaboom is not your favorite Pokemon from generation eight, there is a good chance this cosplayer will create a look for your pick. In the past, gamercosplayerfit has done looks for Grimmsnarl, Zamazenta, Venasaur, and more!

What do you make of this top-tier Pokemon cosplay? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!