Pokemon Coco Releases First English Dub Trailer

Pokemon Coco was only one of many anime movies that were delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the medium of anime has begun to slowly recover and the upcoming film in the popular Pokemon franchise has revealed a new trailer for the English Dub version of the movie that will release in North America in 2021. With this new trailer comes a brand new name for the film in the West, with Pokemon Coco being rebranded as Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, which will explore the new legendary pocket monster Zarude and the mysterious wild child!

The upcoming feature length film will be the twenty third entry into the franchise of Pokemon, and while it is planned to hit theaters in Japan, the question of whether or not it will do the same in North America is yet to be answered. Earlier this year, Pokemon Metwo Strikes Back Evolution, the retelling of the first Pokemon movie using slick computer generated animation, was released onto the streaming service of Netflix, alongside the latest season of the television series. We could definitely see the same thing happening with this upcoming jungle adventure, featuring Ash Ketchum encountering a strange boy who has taken on the characteristics of the Pokemon within the jungle!

Pokemon shared the brand new English Dub trailer via their Official Twitter Account, giving us some brand new footage as well as the new title that the movie will be using for its upcoming North America release that is set to arrive next year in 2021:

Zarude, the brand new legendary Pokemon of this twenty third movie in the series, is a terrifying ape who clearly has an attachment to this enigmatic boy who seems to be taking a page from the likes of Tarzan. With other entries in the franchise like Pokemon Go hyping up Zarude's arrival, it will be interesting to see if this primate makes his way to the main anime television series as well!


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