Pokemon Cosplay Highlights One of Brock's Most Hilarious Scenes

When Brock wasn't spending his time assisting Ash Ketchum in his journey to become one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world, he was normally attempting to score a date from the women he met on his travels. While Broke has certainly had his hilarious moments over the years in Pokemon's anime series, one cosplayer has made the attempt to bring to life one of the most hilarious scenes from the history of the former Gym Leader of Pewter City.  

Brock was originally the Gym Leader for Pewter City, first appearing as a part of Pokemon Red and Blue, but joining the anime series as one of Ash's closest friends. He presented a unique challenge to the early days of Ketchum's journey, as Pikachu's thunder wasn't very effective against the likes of Onyx, a stone-type Pokemon that looks like the equivalent of a giant snake made out of rock. In the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, we were able to revisit Brock after he had been absent from the series for a few years, trading his journey with Ash for a position at a Pokemon Center to help pocket monsters get back on their feet after sustaining damage.

Instagram Cosplayer ATM Cosplay shared this hilarious new take on Brock, recreating the hilarious scene wherein the former Gym Leader of Pewter City slapped a frying pan over his head in an effort to save himself from the rain, leaving him far more likely to be struck by a bolt of lightning in the process:

Pokemon Journeys is currently looking as if it is in the final throes of its story, with the Masters Tournament seeing Ash becoming one of the top eight most powerful trainers in the world today. This fall, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, and while it hasn't been confirmed, this might also act as the landing spot for a new season that bids adieu to Journeys and introduces a new region to the anime.

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