Pokemon Readies for Ash Ketchum's Return to Video Games

Pokemon is at it again. Just when you think the IP has done it all with Ash Ketchum, it finds something new to do. After plenty of rumors, the franchise pulled through for Pokemon fans by bringing Ash Ketchum to a brand new world. After all, the character has made it into a video game, and Ash's debut is taking anime fans by storm.

For those needing some context, we've got your back. Earlier this week, code from Pokemon Masters EX hit social media ahead of a big update, and it was there anime fans did a double take. After all, the data teased Ash's arrival to the mobile game, and that update has proven correct (via Serebii).

While this is not the first time Ash Ketchum has appeared in a video game, this is his first dedicated entry to a video game. The anime protagonist made their video game debut years ago in Pokemon Puzzle League, but Ash was never given his own game model. In fact, the title used JPGs from the Pokemon anime, but Ash's new entry is totally different.

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After all, Pokemon Masters EX has its own 3D game model for Ash and his team of Pokemon. The character will be available as sync pair to player, and it seems Ash made his way into the video game thanks to some multiverse shenanigans. Clearly, the character's addition is meant to hype Pokemon Journeys as Ash has kickstarted its final arc. So if you want to support Ash's first full-fledged game debut, you can check out Pokemon Masters EX right now!

Are you excited to see Ash make his way into Pokemon's video game pantheon? Are you surprised by his addition? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.