This Pokemon Knows The Exact Moment You'll Die

Well this is a creepy one! While there are certainly a number of 'ghost Pokemon' that populate the [...]

Well this is a creepy one! While there are certainly a number of "ghost Pokemon" that populate the world of Ash Ketchum, Ryme City, and Team Rocket, none may be as disturbing as the pocket monster Lampent. A lamp shaped Pokemon that was introduced in the fifth generation of the anime, manga, and video game series, the creepy monster will hang around hospitals for a very disturbing reason. Let's dive into the horrific background of this new Pokemon and what that means for the universe.

Lampent has the disturbing ability to sense when someone is about to die. In order to light the fire in it's belly (?), the lamp shaped Pokemon will steal the person's spirit right before they enter the afterlife. However, this may not be as terrible as it seems as the Lampent will "steal" the soul in order to lead the person into their respective after life, using the energy from said journey to power itself. This is the reason why the Lampent itself is usually seen around hospitals, awaiting the near death status of patients.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The spiritual Pokemon hasn't made a lot of appearances in the anime, manga, or video game series, with its major splash being made in an episode of the anime titled "A Venipede Stampede". In this episode, the trainer Trip, who acted as a rival to the protagonist Ash, used the Lampent in order to stop a rampaging group of Venipedes from overtaking the city of Castelia. Whether or not Lampent ferried their souls to the river Styx is unknown but we'll pray for those poor creatures all the same.

The ghost like monster also appeared in an episode "Scare At The Litwick Mansion" where the frightful creature led a pack of Litwick in an attempt to steal the souls of Ash and his friends. There are certainly a lot of unique Pokemon in the series roster, but none are as unsettling as Lampent and we aren't sure whether we'd want to see one in a live action installment such as Detective Pikachu!

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