Pokemon Fan Recreates Anime's Saddest Moment with Gorgeous Sketch

Ash Ketchum has been the lead of the Pokemon anime series for decades, taking fans on his journey of becoming one of the best trainers in the world, but that journey almost came to an end in the first Pokemon Movie of Mewtwo Strikes Back when the lead protagonist was nearly killed by the cloned pocket monster and one fan has amazingly recreated that scene. Though there are no plans for Ash to step away from his role as the leading man in the franchise, this heart wrenching scene was definitely a moment where it seemed as if he was!

Mewtwo Strikes Back was the first feature length film of the long running anime franchise, starting things off with a bang as the clone Mewtwo attempted to create a world that would be free of the torment that befell himself and the other clones. During the final fight of the movie, Ash Ketchum sacrificed himself in an attempt to save the Pokemon around him and stop the battle that was taking place between both Mewtwo and his "father" in Mew. Luckily for both Ash and fans, Ketchum was able to survive the experience that had originally turned him into stone and the battle itself was resolved.

Reddit Artist Skywalker_Switch shared this impressive recreation of the tear inducing scene from Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back, picturing Ash Ketchum falling before his trusty Pikachu and nearly putting an end to the trainer's long journey to be "one of the very best":

Tried recreating this scene with copic markers! from r/pokemon

Mewtwo Strikes Back was recently recreated with a brand new computer generated movie that dropped onto the streaming service of Netflix, re-imagining the events of the first feature length film with a fresh coat of paint. Though Mewtwo hasn't made an appearance in the anime series for some time, the events of the film still resonate with fans of the series years after its original release.


Currently, Ash is travelling the many regions of the world of Pokemon alongside his new friend Gou, attempting to capture even stronger pocket monsters to add to his roster as well as prep himself for a titanic battle against the current champion of the Galar Region in Leon!

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