Pokemon Journeys Reveals Ash and Gou's Best Leon Impression

Pokemon Journeys has given us one of the best adventures of Ash Ketchum to date, taking the eternally young protagonist and giving him a victory lap following his win within the Alola League Tournament, and in one of the latest episodes of the anime, both Ash and Gou take time out to rib the current champion of the Galar Region in Leon! Throughout the latest season, there have been numerous hints that the big challenge for Ash coming up will be attempting to defeat Leon, tying things in quite nicely with the world of Pokemon Sword And Shield!

Leon has definitely earned his place as the champion of the Galar Region, first being introduced in the Nintendo Switch game of Pokemon Sword And Shield, with his trusty Charizard by his side. When he made his debut in the latest season of the anime, he has shown his skills as a Pokemon trainer time and time again, proving that he will be a serious challenge for Ash Ketchum when the two eventually butt heads. With the spin off series, Pokemon Twilight Wings, giving us an even more in-depth look into the world of the Galar Region, it seems as if the new environment will be a part of the franchise for years to come!

Twitter User DawnForever101 shared Ash and Gou's hilarious impressions of Leon, capturing the character of the champion of Galar perfectly, proving that the pair of young trainers have gotten to know their future opponent in some truly hilarious ways:

Pokemon Journeys, like many other anime series running today, was put on hiatus as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but luckily, it has returned and placed both Ash and Gou into some hilarious adventures so far. While we don't know for sure just when Ash will be facing off against Leon, it is sure to be one of the biggest pocket monster battles that we've ever seen in the long running anime franchise!

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