Pokemon Anime Announces a Winter Special

Pokemon has big plans for the Sinnoh region this year, and that goes for the franchise as a whole. [...]

Pokemon has big plans for the Sinnoh region this year, and that goes for the franchise as a whole. From the video games to its anime, it turns out Pokemon has a thing for Sinnoh these days. That was made very clear when news broke that two Sinnoh-based games were in the pipe for fans. And now, it seems a Sinnoh holiday special is coming for the anime.

The update went live this week following the newest episode of Pokemon Journeys. Japan pushed out a new episode that focused on Dawn as she and Ash ran into some legendary beasts. Dawn ended up teaming with Chloe of help Cresselia while the boys met up with Darkrai. The episode brought Dawn's big comeback to a close, but it did confirm some Sinnoh goodness is on its way.

The episode confirmed a new special is coming for the anime. Pokemon will save the event for this winter, but fans have not been given an exact premiere date. They do know the special will involved Dialga and Palkia, so that is enough please Sinnoh natives. And of course, fans are wondering how this special will go down.

After all, the main question fans have right now is this special's format. The project would be a simple episode, but that seems very lackluster. If this is going to be a special as advertised, fans expect this release to tie into the upcoming Pokemon video games. The two titles will both be focused on the Sinnoh region, and the timing matches up. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are slated to release on November 19 which aligns with the winter release. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will follow in early 2022 should the special act as a preface of sorts. So for now, fans best listen up for any updates on this anime special...!

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