Pokemon Is Giving Away a Replica of Bike From Pokemon Red and Blue

The million dollar bike from Pokemon Red and Blue can be yours....as long as you live in Japan. [...]

The million dollar bike from Pokemon Red and Blue can be yours....as long as you live in Japan. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company announced a new giveaway to celebrate its @poke_times account reaching 1 million followers. The winner will receive a real-life version of the bike players receive in Pokemon Red and Blue, thus allowing for expedited travel across most of the Kanto region.The bike comes with plenty of little nods to the original games, including treads featuring a Poke Ball design, etchings of Kanto Pokemon like Snorlax and Pikachu, and even the ability to play the original Bicycle theme from Pokemon Red and Blue. You can check out a video showing off the new bicycle model up above.

The bicycle holds a special place in both the Pokemon games and cartoon. The original bike was a requirement to progress down the Cycling Road that links Celadon City with Fuchsia City. The bike cost 1 million coins to purchase (an amount of money that's impossible to obtain as the game caps your wallet at 999,999) but can alternatively be obtained using a bike voucher. In the Pokemon anime, Ash and Pikachu notably wrecked a bicycle owned by Misty while trying to flee from a group of Spearow. Misty proceeded to follow Ash across two regions using the excuse that he owed her a new bicycle. Ash and Pikachu wrecked several other character's bicycles throughout the anime as a homage to this act of felony-level vandalism.

While the bike is a "life-size" recreation, it's only a model and doesn't actually work. Still, this is one of the more unique pieces of Pokemon-related memorabilia we've seen come out of Japan in quite some time. Of course, since it's a particularly unique piece of merchandise, that means that it will only be available to Japanese fans. The Pokemon Company is giving away the model bike to one follower of its @poke_times account, with the caveat that they will only ship the model domestically within Japan.

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