Pokemon Anime Teases Palkia and Dialga Return With New Special

Pokemon is teasing Palkia and Dialga's return to the anime franchise with the announcement of a [...]

Pokemon is teasing Palkia and Dialga's return to the anime franchise with the announcement of a new special episode! While fans outside of Japan are currently waiting to check out the next iteration of the series, Pokemon Master Journeys, with Netflix, the series is still airing new episodes in Japan on a weekly basis. For a special outing this Summer, Pokemon Journeys debuted a special two part arc that saw Ash and Goh returning to the Sinnoh region to investigate a series of rumors about Darkrai. It was here that they actually came face to face with past travelling companion, Dawn.

Dawn's return to the anime franchise was already a big enough deal of its own, but as fans suspected with the upcoming debut of the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remake games coming soon, this wouldn't be the end of these Diamond and Pearl comebacks for the anime. Now it's been confirmed we'll be seeing the two marquee Legendaries of these games soon with an upcoming special. Check out the teaser announcement from the Pokemon anime's official Twitter account:

Unfortunately, there is not much in terms of concrete details for this upcoming special. The announcement simply states that broadcast for a "Winter special episode" has been decided on while the silhouettes of legendaries Palkia and Dialga can be seen. It doesn't say whether or not this "Winter" means a special Winter outing for Ash, Goh and potentially Dawn once more, or if it means an episode that will release closer to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl's release this Fall.

With Ash and Goh confronting all kinds of legendaries with this newest era of the anime as they travel through multiple past regions of the series, and with Darkrai and Cresselia in the newest episodes, seeing these two major additions would be yet another fun addition to Pokemon Journeys. But what do you think? What would you want to see in another Diamond and Pearl special episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!